Behind the Lens

Hi, I’m Teena. The lady behind the lens. I am so glad you found my itty bitty spot amongst this World Wide Web. I am definitely not good at writing these things but it seems all business pages have an “About” section.  This is not going to be your typical “About Me.”

I am a Memphis native that currently lives just below the state line in Olive Branch, MS.   I’m a HUGE University of Tennessee fan, GO BIG O!!!  My power tools are my best friends.  I’m a lover of all things DIY.  I’m a horror movie junkie.  I cannot function without Pepsi and will fight you for the last can in the house.  My sense of humor is silly and goofy and I will laugh at anything.  The smell of Cabbage Patch Dolls and rides in the country relax me.  I am an optimistic person.  If it’s not going to matter tomorrow I’m not going to worry about it.  I am terrified of BEEZ!!! I dislike when people smack while eating or chewing gum.  The sound of someone clicking their nails will send my blood pressure thru the roof.

On my downtime you will find me collecting, building or sewing my next prop.  If they offered a Props Anonymous meeting I would have to attend.  I’m a master prop collector.  Not only do I search for and collect them, I build them as well.  My newborn prop outfits are hand-sewn and other props are created to provide a creative, unique, and personal experience.  I am still in awe every time I create a personal set for a photo session.

I’ve been on my photography journey for a little over 3 years now. Everything I learned about photography, I’ve taught myself and learned from experience, along with the help of some amazing photography friends who have shared their knowledge with me. I see photography in everything. My eclectic views allow me to use the tricks of the trade and your personal suggestions to bring you an exciting and personal experience.

I can’t wait for our session together. I love creating exceptional and gorgeous art of your family.