Newborn Session Details

When to book your newborn session.

You’re pregnant?  CONGRATS!  Contact me now!  It is important to call me as soon as you know your due date.  I will jot your due date on my calendar and we will get started on the session details.  We will also set up a day to have your consultation either by phone or email.  

Your Consultation.

The sooner you book the more time I have to tailor your session specifically for you.  I love shopping for all the tiny goodies, headbands, teeny weeny hats and newborn outfits.  

During your consultation we will discuss colors, props and any ideas we both have for your session.  I provide all the props, blankets, headbands, newborn outfits and hats.  If you’d like to add a personal touch with a special item I will certainly try to incorporate it.  

What to do once your precious has arrived.

After your bundle of joy arrives call me, email me, text me, SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOF OF THE HOSPITAL (whichever works best for you) within 24 hours.  We will schedule the exact time and date.  The best time to photograph a newborn baby is from 4 to 7 days old.  They are very sleepy and tiny and can be curled into beautiful newborn poses.

Location of your session.

All newborn sessions take place in my home studio in Olive Branch, MS.  

What to Expect during your Session.

Expect the session to take between 3-4 hours, leaving room for feedings and cuddling. The baby runs the show so we’re on their time!

I keep the studio very warm for newborns so dress accordingly.  It can get really HOT!

Keep your baby awake as long as possible before the session.  Bath time before you come can help for a good “awake time” leaving baby super sleepy after.

Plan to feed baby once you arrive in studio so we have the best chance of getting baby sleepy right away!

Dress baby in easy to remove clothing, not tight or with lots of buttons, and no onsie. Keep the diaper slightly loose so there are as little lines on their bottom as possible.

After the session.

I promise you the first thing I am going to do when you leave is look at the images.  I can never wait to look at the lil squishy squishies images.  After I get thru “OOH’ing and AAH’ing” I start editing.  Between 2-4 weeks I will upload your images to your very own online viewing gallery.  At this time you can share the link with family and friends.